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25/07/2013: "Fast-food freedom: Top foreign chains we want in the USA"

USA TODAY. Read more [External Link].

10/04/2012: "Why Going Green Can Mean Big Money for Fast-Food Chains"

Time Magazine. Read more [External Link].

27/03/2012: "The world sustainability leader in the fast food industry" Read more [External Link].

27/03/2012: "Planet Under Pressure Conference Notes"

One World. Read more [External Link].

15/09/2011: "Would carbon emissions data affect your fast-food choices?"

CBC. Read more [External Link].

15/09/2011: "Burgers, fries, CO2 count share the menu at Max's"

The Globe and Mail. Read more [External Link].

30/08/2011: "A Hamburger Chain That Asks Its Customers To Not Order Hamburgers"

Fast Company. Read more [External Link].

10/08/2011: "For Sustainability, Burger Joint Urges Customers to Order Chicken"

TakePart. Read more [External Link].

30/06/2011: "A Swedish Burger Chain Says "Minimize Me""

Harvard Business Review. Read more [External Link].

26/04/2011: "TEDxPresidio - Par Larsens - Sustainable Hamburgers"

TEDxTalks. Read more [External Link].

14/03/2011: "The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Food"

Fast Company. Read more [External Link].

12/03/2011: "Swedes label food climate issues top priority"

Institute for International Journalism.. Read more [External Link].

22/11/2009: "To Cut Global Warming, Swedes Study Their Plates"

The New York Times. Read more [External Link].

09/01/2009: "Eat less meat" says carbon footprint burger chain"

BBC News. Read more [External Link].