At Max, quality and natural fresh ingredients are the keys to excellent products. We are continuously striving to make our food healthier by reducing the amount of fat in our products.

When we launched our healthy product family Delifresh, back in 2003 we weren't only the first restaurant to offer our customers healthy alternatives we also changed the whole industry. It didn't take long before our competitors decided to follow suit. If you've decided to be extra careful about what you eat, you can choose between these delicious options:

  • Delifresh Chicken Burger
  • Delifresh Burger - as low in fat as cottage cheese
  • Low Carb Burger - a burger without bread (Low Glycemic Index)
  • Several alternatives to French Fries : Salad, Baby Carrots and Apple Slices
  • You can choose high fiber bun instead of sesame bun for all burgers