Food you can trust

Max is all about quality and natural ingredients. Controls and food safety are always our top priority. We are also constantly working to make our food healthier.

Max vegetables

Our vegetables come from natural farms. Our suppliers only use ingredients from contracted growers with carefully inspected water supplies. They do not use fresh manure as a fertiliser. We also have monitoring programmes that include microbiological analyses.

Max beef and chicken

We only use guaranteed Halal beef and chicken in our products.

No added trans fats in Max oil

New concerns have recently been raised about trans fats. Fried food has been singled out as containing the much debated hydrogenated fats that contain trans fatty acids. Trans fat occurs naturally in certain products, but can also be formed in the industrial hydrogenation of fat. Trans fat can be found in products such as fatty bakery products, sweets and snacks and is used primarily to achieve a longer shelf life.

Over the past 18 months, Max hs successfully worked with suppliers to develop a non-hydrogenated frying oil without any added trans fats. The new oil, which will now replace all previous oils for frying, is non-hydrogenated, trans fat free and also contains a lower proportion of saturated fat. According to authorities such as the Swedish National Food Agency, unsaturated fat is healthier than saturated fats. The new frying oil is more expensive, but we will not be raising our prices. Instead we will be absorbing that cost within the business.